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more on friends

People are strange...

why do you have a friends list?

I have people on my list whom i enjoy reading. It has nothing to do with whether we're friends in person, if the person has me listed as their friend, or anything else which doesn't have anything to do with what they write.

i deleted a bunch of people from my friends list in the past few days.. mostly because they didn't write anything interesting.

soon as i did, they removed me from their lists... to me, that's an indication of them either only keeping me on their list because i had them on mine, or because they got offended by me removing them (both?).

another thing i just decided on.. is that i will most likely add to my list anyone who adds me to theirs. simply as an indication of me willing to see what they write.
before this, whenever anyone added me, i looked at their journal and saw whether i liked their entries or not. that doesn't really work though. a few entries never give a complete picture.

today, i welcome adcott, soulo, and monsoon_ to my list.

adcott seems to be a very smart guy who is into web design, as i am.

soulo, who is also zuiki, was found by me in one of the russian coding/design communities in LJ. she has a very cute user icon =D

and finally, monsoon_ added me at some point, not long ago. she is a russian-born living in canada. welcome, monsoon_!
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