Valera (valera) wrote,

The Aree Conflict

So Aree and I had our last/final fight yesterday. She wrote a post about it (I can't link to it because she made it protected and took me out of her friends list.), so I figure I should do so, too.

We usually liked playing around by sort of sparring/hitting each other. Though I must say that it started with the general female notion of "Oh, you're so annoying/oh you messed up with something, so let me playfully hit you". I didn't mind it because I like sparing and all the such. But I don't really let people just hit me, so everytime she'd hit me, I'd hit her back. Never seriously of course.

Lately though she would hit me harder and harder every time. It got pretty annoying because either she's extra PMSing or something, but she'd get annoyed at almost everything I said and would take it as an insult, resulting in her hitting me. Now, don't take me wrong.. I know how annoying I am/can be. If I'm comfortable with the person, I like teasing about a lot of things (if there are things to tease about!).

So yesterday she seems to be already pissed at me. I'm kneeling down plugging a battery-charger cable into a socket, she's standing next to me. I don't remember what exactly I said.. something silly, which gets me kicked pretty hard in my shoulder. I get pissed off, which doesn't happen.. ever, and punch her hard in her leg. I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do, really. I mean, wtf? There's a limit to everything. A playful kick/punch if someone is being annoying is ok. But not all the time and not hard enough as if you seriously want to hurt the person.

That episode ends. Aree goes downstairs. I think she was asked to help out some user there or something. I get a phone call:
"Val, this is Paul. I just want to tell you that if you EVER hit my wife again, you will be brought up on charges and fired. Bye" *click*

Paul is Aree's husband, who works downstairs.

That's the whole thing.. she came back up, said something about forgetting what paul said.

I have a few issues with this.

1) We've been having a lot of fights lately. Like I said, either she's PMSing or all the allergy drugs she's taking are affecting her, but she's very impulsive. Just last week she was pissed off because a user we have here whom she doesn't like, was asking her to do something (I forget what). I was also helping that user with something else. So I'm on the phone with the user, who asks me if I know whether what she asked for was done yet. I ask Aree, who sits almost right next to me, whether it is, because that's what she was working on. She yelled "YES!!!!!!!" so loud that I think the whole floor heard it.

2) Settle your personal matters yourself. I don't know what she told her husband, but that's just bs!

I feel like I'm back to kinder garten...

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