Valera (valera) wrote,

Googlism for: valera

Googlism for: valera

valera is 6
valera is shown as making an inflammatory speech to the effect that civil war should be pursued
valera is only the second meteorite from venezuela
valera is visiting doctors for checkups and may have to undergo heart operation
valera is supposed to
valera is an analyst for needham & company
valera is a regular contributor to the national notary and the notary bulletin
valera is finally installed as deputy commissioner
valera is being rewarded by making his stay there permanent
valera is a partner in king & spalding's global projects and transactions group and the latin american practice group
valera is running under estrada's pmp
valera is the sole uk importer and distribuor for sanyo commercial microwaves
valera is probably best known as the uk's sole distributor of market leading sanyo products
valera is assunta’s refusal to honor her two
valera is prime minister
valera is running for the lone congressional district against former rebel priest conrado balweg
valera is today
valera is the minister of arts
valera is the co
valera is currently the school improvement facilitator for two schools in the kansas city
valera is seen by
valera is so skilled at the arts of stealth that she disappears from time to time
valera is a quick study and dedicated
valera is several things
valera is in america drumming up support for an independent ireland
valera is board
valera is eamon de valera's birth and baptism certificates although the name is spelt differently
valera is eamon de valera's birth and baptism certificates
valera is one of the candidates
valera is said to have kept ireland outside the horrors of war but with results that were not all favourable
valera is quarrelling the danes
valera is undermining the
valera is concerned with consumer interests and serves on the board of directors of the nonprofit organization eli aid in affordable housing which assists in
valera is thankful
valera is retired now
valera is tot dat doel opgericht
valera is also inextricably linked with ennis and clare
valera is an associate with lansberg
valera is named for casiodoro de reina and cipriano de valera
valera is not a "catholic bible
valera is just as vengeful but more cautious
valera is aa less charismatic character than michael collins but i wanted to make sure that the position of being against the
valera is hopeful that her work over the past five years will be able to secure her another term in the dáil
valera is to bring the shannon concerns to the chairman of the oireachtas
valera is flanked by cardinal spellman
valera is new senator for el seibo the senate approved yesterday the appointment of marcial valera as the new senator for el seibo
valera is part of a criminal organisation and beat him up
valera is portrayed as the prime instigator of the civil war and the mastermind behind the ambush that killed michael collins
valera is the subject of much study and debate amongst historians
valera is not new in the business
valera is about 50km
valera is new too
valera is famous for having signed the book of condolences for adolf hitler in the german embassy in dublin at the end of the second world war
valera is elected to lead the executive council of the irish free state
valera is to the spanish
valera is reassessed in this week's léargas
valera is her chiropractor
valera is currently the pastor of iglesia metodista de puerto rico
valera is a singer and composer whose works have become contemporary classics
valera is a bachelor of arts major in political science graduate of san beda college manila
valera is the most dinamic and developing city in state of trujillo and it is also classified as the commercial capital of this bucolic state
valera is archaic
valera is the biggest city
valera is currently having
valera is the major business and commerical center for trujillo state
valera is clearly envious of collins's new
valera is my own perception of him
valera is also available
valera is portrayed as the politician
valera is one of the major cities in the state of trujillo
valera is broken out of prison and takes harry to the us as his number two
valera is the 11
valera is a candidate for nevada state assembly
valera is inaccurate
valera is dated june 26
valera is in our database
valera is a prolific songwriter and singer
valera is buried
valera is keen to improve facilities here
valera is listed among 67 properties in the county to be added to the record of protected structures
valera is teacher
valera is the story of 20th century ireland
valera is almost gone as well
valera is greatly to blame
valera is an entirely impossible person
valera is in a position to announce the re
valera is the word
valera is the one person who is able to
valera is reduced to a rent
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