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going to the outlet mall today.
i'm as far away as possible from a mallrat; i just want some new clothes for the winter.
oh, and i'm doing C++ again. i'll try to take it further this time.
otherwise, everything is back to normal (you mean it wasn't normal before??!?!)

oh, haha. our webmistress(aree) asked me whether when i just got the job i knew that she (and even my boss, and few other people) noticed that i had a crush on our manager(liz)..
my jaw just literally dropped, lol.
i mean i kinda did.. and do. she's 30ish, very smart and very pretty. but i didn't know EVERYONE noticed how i was acting!!! lol
she reassured me though that it's okay because everyone in the office has a crush on liz. that made me feel extremely special =D

welp, off to the shower i go.
ta ta
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