Valera (valera) wrote,


my dad keeps pronoucing "persimmon" as per-summons.
i keep getting annoyed at that because ... ah, because i'm a virgo and a perfectionist?
thing is, he also does it while speaking russian, perfectly knowing what the word is in russian.
so me asking him to speak one language(not runglish!), especially if he doesn't really know the other one, doesn't work.
i tried to find out if he knows how the word is spelled, to see where he gets the "summ" idea. he doesn't. he thought that there's an "o" after the "s".
but he stubbornly tells me that he'll say it the way he wants to say it, even after i showed him the proper spelling.

though wow! update! he just looked it up in yahoo's voice dictionary! yay...
maybe now he won't annoy me as much =D
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