Valera (valera) wrote,

Dream nonsense.

My parents and I are at a mall somewhere. I go down to the garage for some reason and start looking for the car keys. The keys are somehow tangled up, and one of the car keys is broken (I have two sets). So I take one set of keys and put it aside, while untangling the other. Then I notice that the set of keys that I put away is gone, along with the car... (Oh, a somewhat minor detail that I forgot to mention - our car is an SUV in this dream, instead of a sedan that we have in reality.)

So while I try to figure out what to do, there is a suspicious man sneaking around the garage. Seconds after I notice him, he sneaks away and something starts beeping. I start running away because I figure that this guy planted explosives and that the mall is about to be blown up. The scenery changes to a green field which looks like an area in Co-op City - a neighborhood in NYC where I used to live before I moved to Jersey. (What's also strange is that yesterday I had a dream that I was in co-op, too.) While running through this green field I notice that another middle-eastern looking man is running away from the mall as well. I figure that he must be one of the guys who set up the explosives because otherwise no one could have known that something was happening. So I start following him, thinking that when we get to a populated area, I'll ask someone to help me hold him down because he's the guy who blew up the mall.

The first person I notice is a pretty muscular black guy(BG). I yell out to him that the other guy is the one who just blew up the mall, and both of us try to hold him down. The bad guy(bg) takes out a gun, BG kicks it out, but bg manages to take out a knife and stab BG with it. I manage to pick up the gun that bg dropped, but BG falls on me, so I can't really use the gun to shoot bg with it..

.. the dream ends when the bad guy is trying to stab me, I'm trying to shoot him, and the black guy is messing everything up by lying dead between us.
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