Valera (valera) wrote,

Memories from flight to SF, 2002

Weird things***
1) ears hurt on the plane even when not in air
-l the higher the plane rises, the clearer your ears get?
2) there is a first union atm in NC airport, but none of such in NYC
3) in NC airport i ordered sesame chicken in a chinese place. the moron that i am, it was just the chicken, not an actual meal.
4) NC is in the same timezone as NYC
5) wanted to call Marina from the airport, but i guess i chickened out.
6) why am i paranoying so much lately? thinking quite a lot about death/dying
7) just opened the bookbag(on the plane), water from the water-bottle spilled out in the bag. had to go to the bathroom and clean/wipe the thing. lucky that it wasn't too much and nothing got overly wet.
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