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i hate my father

i hate my father
i really really cannot stand him

when i used to 'talk' to him (i try not to now.. it only pisses me off and 'makes his heart hurt'), he used to argue how fucking unnatural homosexuality is.

there was one instance, when he was looking at a photo of some actress or something.. and i could see that he liked her. and i told him that she was lesbian. he started going off on how that's too bad and how it's all unnatural and blah blah blah.

i turn to some HBO channel today, and they're showing a movie about some private highschool girls. now he does this every time and i can't stand it even more. every time there's a cute girl on TV, he sits down to watch it! not because of the content, not because of anything. just as long as there's a cute girl on tv! so in a minute it turns out that these girls are lesbians and they're showing them naked. so fuck.. if you don't like lesbians, turn the tv off, switch the channel! no.. he continues to watch the movie to the end.. just to get another peek at the cute girls!


why does my father have to be a stupid fucking pervert?!?
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