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As a few have requested that I write more personal enteries, here we go. =)

My PC has been broken for two weeks. It literally drove me crazy & into depression. That's what usually happends to me when my comps break badly. For the techies out there, I won't be able to tell you the original problem because I've replaced so much stuff and ended up with so many different problems that that would be just impossible. But in the end it was all the motherboard's fault. I think either the north or the south bridge got burnt.

BUT, all may rejoice now. My PC is in perfect health since yesterday. And what's more, it got a few upgrades (MORE TO COME!). It got a new motherboard that supports a bunch of new stuff including an ATA RAID. I also got a 2200 XP AMD processor and another 80 gig western digital drive (this makes two 80 gig drives on my main box right now. though i will most likely put the other drive into my linux server for the ftp)

Heh, so since these personal entries were requested mostly by Marina, and she almost cannot stand when i talk about computers, i'll switch to something else =) I won't go too far back, because most of you either already know the too-far-back stuff or... well, I don't know why, maybe I just don't feel like remembering every god damn happening in my life since kinder garten =D.

I took two days off from work. Yesterday and today. Yesterday was a visit-all-your-long-lost-friends day. Met up with Max (who according to his grandfather got married) in the morning. Max and I went to visit our junior high teacher, whom we have been promicing to ourselves to visit ever since graduating from that junior high and never did. well, turns out he retired and has his own business somewhere, but we weren't able to find where. Too bad, I personally loved the guy. He was my Journalism teacher and one of our jobs was the making of the yearbook. I was pretty much the main editor of it and had a good friendship with the teacher.

After that we were trying to figure out what to do, so we decided to go shoot some pool. Well, that fell through, too. The pool place was closed at 11am =( lol. That drove us into just getting two cups of coffee and just going to the park to chat about life's happenings and such.

Next my trip took me to my old HS (Lehman). Max left me at that point and went to work. First, while walking through burger kind for a quick stop in the little boys' room, i saw long lost love Daribel. She is in her 5th and a half year of HS now and has 5 credits left to go. Well, not bad. I heard that she dropped out from her sister. But i guess that was bullshit. it's difficult to get much truth out of that family.. lol. Then I went to see my ex-Electronics teacher. He's the Assistant Principal now. He talks A LOT and is always very happy and cheery when he sees me.. but pretty dull. lol. Then I went to see a lady who I've never had a class with but she has helped me a lot with everything, including getting my current Job. Ms. Beck is one of the.. two favourite people in that school. The other one has already retired =). In her office I also met up with Mike and Ilay who work around the school with computers. We talked a little about me going to visit Sonya after everything and about Mike & Ilay not liking her. After they both left to Barnes & Noble, i went down to the school library to kill some time. There I saw my old Italian teacher who couldn't remember my name. It's ok though, I couldn't remember her's, either. We laughed about that. Saw the head librarian and met with a new lady who works there who later volunteered to drive me to BXSCI HS. when I asked them how I could get to it.

On the way to bxsci we had a nice chat about anything and everything. I got to bxsci around 3:30, waited for half an hour for Sonya, she called me and said that she wasn't at the school but that she would come over in 15 minutes. When she came we laughed a little about me not being a 50 year old stalker lady. Then we went to a diner because I haven't eaten the whole day and she was hungry too. After the diner we were standing outside, she teased me a bit about cigarettes and gave me one. then her cell rang. She picked it up and started talking on it to a a friend of her's who was 50 feet away, walking toward us. She(her friend) turned out to be VERY cute and funny/witty. And we also sorta/kinda know each other because she's a friend of my old HS friend and used to live close to me when I lived in Co-op City.

At 5:30 I went back to bxsci for my parents to pick me up and drive me to the pc repair shop so I could get my fixed computer. Did that, got home, started installing and reinstalling my system to get it to its current state of perfection. All just so I could write this nice little entry for all of you =p

Adios amigos!
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