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let's see.. i haven't written in a while, so maybe i'll try rambling about something.

i hang out a lot with Alina lately. yesterday we went to 'the orange bear'. it's a small bar with a stage and a pool table type of place. sometimes, or usually, i can't truly say because i'm not there often, it gathers a large russian crowd. yesterday the only russians there were us. us being: Alina, me, misha, liza, kate, sasha, anna.. and i think that was about it. afterward alina and i walked everyone to their trains, and then went our own way to battery park, to take a ferry to jersey(hoboken), then take a train to ridgefield(i think), then take a cab to fairlawn. then Alina drove me home to cliffside park, and went home.

all the way from orange bear to my house, Alina and I were playing the truncated version of Truth or Dare. basically, we were playing Truth, taking turns at asking each other questions.

we talked about a lot of different topics. somewhere in the middle, one of my questions went along the lines of: "I still like you, and even though I know that we can't and are not going to have a relationship, what do you think about me, what are your feelings?". To shorten and summarize her answer, she said that she likes me, but that she loves me(or could love me? i'm implying this myself).

my thoughts on this? i don't know. i don't feel like i LOVE her, either. but, i'm amazed at how well we understand each other. i don't think i've ever met anyone who was able to read me so easily. i am also not sure, at all, whether i will be able to find anyone like her in the future.

of course, maybe this is for the better. we do have some differences that would probably hinder a healthy relationship.

on a different note, aree is pissed. yesterday, just as we were leaving, our content manager for the site called us and asked for us to stay a little later to post something. we both said that we could not do that. today he is asking one of us to stay late again because there is supposed to be a press release that will be coming out. press releases are very important here. more important than anything else. that means that one way, or another, it will have to get done somehow. i instantly said that i would not be able to stay (Alina and I are leaving tonight to visit her grandparents. sleeping over, and going skydiving from there in the morning). so, as i was saying, now aree is pissed because now she will have to stay. though, in my opinion, they can't make any one of us stay. she should just tell them that she can't stay either. they don't pay us enough for us to consider staying even if we didn't have other things to do.

and, as i briefly mentioned, Alina and I are going skydiving tomorrow! hopefully the weather will be good and we really do get to go. otherwise we'll have to reschedule.

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