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well, i'm back from cali.
i bet you fuckers didn't even notice that i was gone, huh?
i don't like new york anymore. first thing i noticed when i came back was how sucky the air is here! oh, and this is hilarious... my ears still hurt from the flight yesterday!
why does everyone in nyc have a "what the FUCK do you want from me" or a "i'm gonna fuck you up!!!" or a "oh god, i'm SOOOOOOOOOOO tired" expression on their face?

well, i don't want to write much about what i did in cali. you all know that i went to meet amna and marina. and i have. that's all you need to know.

that's besides the fact that since the flights got fucked up, i went to the newark airport, and my bag went to the laguardia airport. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

but really, like the whole impression of the week spent in cali - i really really liked it! =)
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