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scoop 'em out

this is a very very long conversation between me and my friend..
if you want to get to know me better, or simply just can't get enough, click away

surreal rain (11:06:07 PM): good 'eve valaralla!
imp peccable (11:06:11 PM): hi
surreal rain (11:07:08 PM): how are things?
imp peccable (11:08:03 PM): confusing... but i don't feel like spilling my guts. actually.. i wouldn't mind.. but it would take too long since we don't talk that often and well.. yeah
surreal rain (11:08:47 PM): why would it take too long?
surreal rain (11:08:50 PM): and why don't we talk that often?
surreal rain (11:08:56 PM): i message you all the time :p
imp peccable (11:10:04 PM): it would take too long because there is a lot of stuff.. on mind mind.. which we've spoken nothing about. we don't talk that often because we're both busy with our own, i guess. and yes, you message me.. but that's not the same as talking.
surreal rain (11:11:56 PM): not to blame shift, but you never seem interested in chatting, though i attempt
surreal rain (11:12:53 PM): and i dooo read your journal, though i dont understand much of it
surreal rain (11:12:58 PM): i'm sorry that things aren't so good lately
imp peccable (11:13:04 PM): i didn
imp peccable (11:13:05 PM): t
imp peccable (11:13:09 PM): say that they're not good
surreal rain (11:13:14 PM): oh
surreal rain (11:13:20 PM): well, your mood seems unpleasant
surreal rain (11:13:28 PM): when you said "confusing"
imp peccable (11:13:30 PM): no.. right now it's not.. negative
imp peccable (11:13:41 PM): it's just... i don't know
surreal rain (11:13:46 PM): confusing :-)
imp peccable (11:13:52 PM): right.. exactly
imp peccable (11:13:53 PM): lol
surreal rain (11:13:55 PM): i gotcha. does any of it involve a girl?
surreal rain (11:14:01 PM): OR A GUY?
surreal rain (11:14:03 PM): ;-)
imp peccable (11:14:12 PM): oh... not really.. and yes, sorta, to the second one
imp peccable (11:14:15 PM): :-P
surreal rain (11:14:26 PM): hehe :-)
imp peccable (11:14:30 PM): my friend called me today
imp peccable (11:14:35 PM): he's a weird guy
imp peccable (11:14:55 PM): he's 23... and is very nerdy. he's a major in theoretical physics
imp peccable (11:15:13 PM): and well.. we've always had this argument
imp peccable (11:15:19 PM): i use AIM, he uses ICQ
imp peccable (11:15:32 PM): so once again, it was that same argument
surreal rain (11:15:57 PM): mmhmm?
imp peccable (11:16:11 PM): and it's nothing that i didn't know before.. but.. today.. i guess i just saw it more clearly. 90% of my buddy list has girls in it
imp peccable (11:16:23 PM): and when i look for someone to talk to online, i look for girls
surreal rain (11:16:29 PM): yes, you do
imp peccable (11:17:00 PM): and he said that out of 200 something people on his icq list, only 10 of them may be girls
imp peccable (11:17:08 PM): and it's not that he's gay
imp peccable (11:17:09 PM): he's not
surreal rain (11:17:14 PM): he prefers to talk to guys?
imp peccable (11:17:27 PM): he just doesn't find girls that interesting.. in conversations
imp peccable (11:17:51 PM): so.. i'm trying to figure out whether i'm "doing the right thing"
surreal rain (11:18:25 PM): i dont find many girls interesting in conversation, either
surreal rain (11:18:34 PM): not all girls, just most
surreal rain (11:18:42 PM): my list is about 75% guys
surreal rain (11:18:53 PM): why are you trying to figure out if you're 'doing the right thing'?
imp peccable (11:18:53 PM): like... i'm opening up to you right now.. basically, almost my purest thoughts.. and i'm not sure if i would be able to open up like this with a guy
imp peccable (11:19:08 PM): well... i don't like cheating myself, that's all :-)
surreal rain (11:19:08 PM): well, i think it depends on what sort of conversation you're looking for
surreal rain (11:19:21 PM): maybe your friend prefers to chat about the things he knows
surreal rain (11:19:23 PM): rather than the things he feels
surreal rain (11:19:33 PM): and finds that guys have more similar interests
imp peccable (11:20:31 PM): um... guys to have more similar interests
imp peccable (11:20:42 PM): computers... and all
imp peccable (11:20:43 PM): hehe
imp peccable (11:20:56 PM): though i guess i'm more into psychology and philosophy.. than computers
imp peccable (11:21:01 PM): or not?
imp peccable (11:21:03 PM): i don't know
surreal rain (11:21:46 PM): maybe you just find it more interesting to talk to girls
surreal rain (11:21:59 PM): because they're girls, and you don't hold so highly 'similar interests'
surreal rain (11:22:04 PM): as you do just chatting about life
surreal rain (11:22:24 PM): and things that dont need previous knowledge about, that you dont need to read a manual to understand
imp peccable (11:22:26 PM): or maybe i'm just looking too much to find a girlfriend?
surreal rain (11:22:51 PM): it's fun to talk to girls when you're attracted to them
imp peccable (11:23:01 PM): yeah. i talked to one today
imp peccable (11:23:09 PM): and i liked talking to her
surreal rain (11:23:10 PM): it doesn't need to be that you're looking for a girlfriend, but looking for companionship of a girl
surreal rain (11:23:11 PM): friendship
imp peccable (11:23:17 PM): even though i didn't know what she looked like
surreal rain (11:23:19 PM): jeff's list is 90percent girls, too
surreal rain (11:23:24 PM): i dont think he was looking for a girlfriend
surreal rain (11:23:34 PM): even though he found one. lol
imp peccable (11:23:43 PM): and then i wondered whether i'd like having the same conversation with a guy
imp peccable (11:23:55 PM): and god.. that seemed like an awfully boring conversation
imp peccable (11:24:00 PM): see the point? :-)
surreal rain (11:24:25 PM): yes, i do
surreal rain (11:24:28 PM): but you seem to as well
surreal rain (11:24:30 PM): so don't worry :-)
imp peccable (11:24:45 PM): lol
imp peccable (11:25:47 PM): and then.. the physical world problems
imp peccable (11:25:52 PM): well, they're just confusing
surreal rain (11:25:58 PM): oh, that physical world
imp peccable (11:25:58 PM): i told you about hurting my leg, right?
surreal rain (11:26:01 PM): nope
surreal rain (11:26:05 PM): i read about it, though
surreal rain (11:26:07 PM): what happened?
imp peccable (11:27:10 PM): i was sparring with this guy... friend.. sorta. and blocked one of his kicks improperly, with the inside of my leg.. and hurt it very badly (it's still swallen, from last week). though i didn't know it at the time.. finished the match with him blocking my kick.. with his head.. :-)
imp peccable (11:27:29 PM): so today i went to the doctor to get it checked out. and he didn't finish all the tests, but he told me to stay home for a week
imp peccable (11:27:46 PM): oh, and lets backtrack a little. last week my dad was driving my car... when it died
imp peccable (11:27:58 PM): so today, after work, i went to the shop to pick it up
imp peccable (11:28:10 PM): too bad i didn't know the the bus i was taking didn't go there
surreal rain (11:28:28 PM): oh, yuck
imp peccable (11:28:28 PM): so i had to walk in the heat for like 20 min... and i didn't drink almost any water today
surreal rain (11:28:38 PM): and your leg was okay to walk with?
imp peccable (11:28:48 PM): so i get there.. get the car, ask the guy for a cup of water.. and start driving back home
imp peccable (11:28:56 PM): yes, leg is ok.. it doesn't hurt all that bad, anyway
surreal rain (11:28:59 PM): that's good
imp peccable (11:29:06 PM): so yeah, i'm driving.. and about half way home the car dies
imp peccable (11:29:24 PM): so i call the guy again.. he tells me that he'll come and tow it again to his shop
imp peccable (11:29:35 PM): 10 minutes later one of his guys comes
imp peccable (11:30:02 PM): some sarcastic 40(50?) year old asshole with a beer gut larger than the rest of his body...
imp peccable (11:30:17 PM): hey, it's not my fault that i know nothing about cars.. or about NJ roads
imp peccable (11:30:34 PM): anyway.. he picks up the car... and this is happening around 6, and i have the doctor's appt. at 7
imp peccable (11:30:48 PM): and he takes me and the car back to the shop
imp peccable (11:32:08 PM): i ask him if there's any way to get to where i live from there... and he's like "well... i'm going home in about 15 min. and i live close to you..." so i ask him to if he could drop me off there, and he's like "well.. maybe.."
imp peccable (11:32:28 PM): so in about 20 minutes, after me spending all of them outside standing in the heat, he drives me home
imp peccable (11:33:17 PM): so i get home, get a brain-freeze from all the ice tea i drink, and run to the doctor
imp peccable (11:34:29 PM): spend a bunch of time waiting, get called, spend a bunch of time waiting in the doc's office, he takes a look at it and tells me to go get an xray.. overhear one of the xray girls say "oh, he's kinda cute", and get sent back to the docs office where he tells me to:
imp peccable (11:34:35 PM): TAKE OFF A WEEK FROM WORK
imp peccable (11:34:55 PM): and well... i don't have that much sick leave time.. and i have to pick up my car tomorrow
imp peccable (11:35:11 PM): so yeah, that's where "it's confusing" part comes in :-)
imp peccable (11:35:20 PM): wow, that wasn't that long :-D
surreal rain (11:36:13 PM): ahhh
surreal rain (11:36:18 PM): that sounds like an incredibly frustrating day :-)
imp peccable (11:36:44 PM): should i go into writing? :-D:-D:-D
imp peccable (11:36:53 PM): j/k
surreal rain (11:37:42 PM): everyone should go into writing
surreal rain (11:37:45 PM): it's great :-)
imp peccable (11:37:55 PM): yuck
imp peccable (11:37:56 PM): :-)
surreal rain (11:38:51 PM): it's a great way to express yourself, though
surreal rain (11:38:56 PM): so much easier than talking
surreal rain (11:39:03 PM): or expressing yourself to other people
surreal rain (11:39:10 PM): there's no audience, unless you choose an audience
imp peccable (11:39:13 PM): i wouldn't be able to do it if i wasn't "talking" to you
surreal rain (11:39:27 PM): you couldn't write all of that into notepad?
imp peccable (11:39:33 PM): nope
surreal rain (11:39:38 PM): conversation is a really good way to express oneself too
surreal rain (11:39:43 PM): and online, i consider that writing
surreal rain (11:39:44 PM): :-)
surreal rain (11:39:54 PM): if we were talking on the phone
surreal rain (11:40:01 PM): do you think you would have expressed yourself as adequately?
imp peccable (11:40:31 PM): not with you
imp peccable (11:40:33 PM): maybe with aree
imp peccable (11:40:40 PM): cause i talk to her so much
surreal rain (11:40:54 PM): ah, i see
surreal rain (11:42:26 PM): brb
imp peccable (11:42:33 PM): ok

Auto response from surreal rain (11:42:34 PM): (too much information)

imp peccable (11:43:04 PM): lol... weird hint.. if that's a hint :-D
surreal rain (11:47:19 PM): it was earlier
surreal rain (11:47:24 PM): now its just an away message
surreal rain (11:47:24 PM): lol
imp peccable (11:48:19 PM): ok :-)
surreal rain (11:49:10 PM): how many buddy groups do you keep these days?

imp peccable (11:51:31 PM): same as before. my setup seems to work well
surreal rain (11:52:01 PM): cool
imp peccable (11:52:21 PM): if you don't mind.. i'll post this convo
surreal rain (11:52:32 PM): i dont mind :-)
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