Valera (valera) wrote,


there is a lot of shit going on.
first, ilay pissed me off today on the phone with something about me acting like a stalker. i don't care to remember the exact conversation or describe anything. this is just the first link in the chain of events.
when i came home, there was.. at the beginning, a lot of talk about my dad's heart.. his situation.. and our situation. that's the main thing... i'm just.. i don't know. i'm almost 20, but i'm not ready for this. at least not right now. not today. maybe i'll even feel better tomorrow, after a night's rest. but not today.
then i spoke to melissa, sort of. i had a slight crush on her.. and was hoping that it could go somewhere. but no.. it's a dead end. i think it is. if she liked me even a little bit, she would have shown at least slight enthusiasm.
there's not much more. i'm cancelling my plans for mostly everything. i don't want to see or speak to people. i don't know how long it'll take me to change my mind.
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