Valera (valera) wrote,

question me

What Time Is It Now? 6:49PM
First Name: Val
Middle Name(s):
Last Name: Schuman
Birth Date: 8/18/82
Sex: not with you.
Piercing: no thanks
Tattoos? only bite marks
Nicknames: brat, imp, russian bastard, vampire
City/Province Of Birth: Lvov, Ukraine, USSR
Do You Still Live There? : yes (if you believe this, you should not be on my friends liar)
Where Are You From? hell
Height: 6'
Shoe Size: 10-11
Hair Color? Dark brown
Hair Length? depends on when i got my haircut. usually same as in my icon.
Eye Color? Brown... dark brown
Siblings: older (12.5 years older) brother
Pets: 2 nephews

'Last Questions'
Last Movie You Saw In The Theatre: Minority Report
Last Movie You Rented: The Gladiator
Last Movie You Bought: What Women Want
Last Song You Listened To: Kidney Thieves - Layers
Last Song That Was Stuck In Your Head: ummm.. yeah, that one
Last Song You've Downloaded: don't remember... prolly something by eminem
Last CD You Bought: i don't buy, i have a cable connection.
Last CD You Listened To: i don't listen much to those... maybe something russian.
Last Person You've Called: i don't like the phone
Last Person That's Called You: and i still don't like it
Last TV Show You've Watched: god damn, i don't like many things, eh?
Last Person You Were Thinking Of: too many. you're not special.

'Do Questions'
Do You Have A GF Or A BF: no
Do You Currently Love Anyone? it comes and goes.
Do You Currently Feel Like You Are In Love? no
Do You Have A Crush On Someone? not sure, probably not.
Do You Wish You Could Live Anywhere But Here, If So, Where? no, i don't care where i live.
Do You Get Along With Your Parents? sometimes
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? yes, i think so.
Do You Think About Suicide? i did
Do You Believe In Online Relationships? do they involve cyber sex? cyber children? no, i don't.
Do You Find Yourself Attractive? i think so. i've always been told that i am..
Do You Find Yourself Ugly? no
Do Others Find You Attractive? upp
Do You Want (more) Piercings? no
Do You Drink? when Ivan is around HA!(stolen from silver)
Do You Do Drugs? i smoked a little weed when i was younger.
Do You Smoke? not anymore, thanks to marina =)
Do You Like Fishing? don't get it.
Do You Like Cleaning? sometimes
Do You Like Roller Coasters? love them to death!(lol... no, no pun)

'Have You'
Have U Ever Smoked? Yes
Have U Ever Done drugs? upp
Have U Ever Drank alcohol? upp
Have U Ever Gotten So Drunk? very, very drunk

Would U Ever Run In A Beach Naked? sure
Would U Ever Take A Cop's Burger And Run Away With It? even a doughnut
Would U Ever Walk Up To A Fast Food Restaurant Drive-Thru Window In A Make Believe Automobile? uh huh
Would U Ever Drink An Entire Bottle Of Vodka To Yourself? did once.. it was actually whisky

Would U Walk Up To Any Random Chick And Kiss Her: if dared
Would U Ever Suck On A Chicks Toes? did, once
would U Ever Dress Like A Chick? lol, did.. when i was very young =)

Would U Walk Up To Any Random Dude And Kiss Him?
Would U Allow A Dude To Suck On Your Toes?
Would U Ever Dress Like A Dude?

'For or Against'
Long Distance Relationships: not sure. they're difficult.
High School Long Term Relationships: never had one
Using someone for personal pleasure: Doesn't everyone?(thanks silver)
Suicide: if you feel like it.
Killing People: if it need be
Assisted Suicide: not sure, maybe
Skipping school: have i ever done anything but that?
Teenage smoking: i did that.. for most of my teenage years
Doing Drugs: i'm mostly against drugs
Premarital Sex: i don't believe much in marriage
Driving Drunk: no... bad idea
Gay/Lesbian Relationships: be gay, be happy
Jerry Springer: whatever floats people's boats
Soap Operas: sure

'Best Questions'
Best Friend(s): aree is the only one IRL
Best Person To Talk: jenn, aree, marina, amna
Best Relationship: didn't have all that many
Best TV Show Of All Time: saved by the bell, boy meets world
Best Thing That's Happened To You: moved to the states
Best School Subject: programming
Best Thing In The World: friends
Best Color Of All Time: green, silver
Best Piece Of Clothing You Own: anything and everything
Best Thing To Do On A Rainy Day: Computer or sleepy(thanks silver)
Best Stuffed Animal You've Owned: had a dog and a monkey when i was little
Best Feeling In The World: Being held(ughh... silver!)

'Fav Questions'
Fav Food: sushi
Fav Song: Too many(la di da da...)
Fav Thing To Do: read, hang out with friends or someone you love, play with pc
Fav Thing To Talk About: philosophy of life =)
Fav Thing To Watch: chaos
Fav Sport To Play: hockey
Fav Sport To Watch: don't like watching.
Fav Sports Player(s): none
Fav Thing To Drink (non-alcoholic): ice tea
Fav Thing To Drink (alcoholic): long island ice tea
Fav Thing To Wear: body armor
Fav Thing To Sleep With: thing?
Fav Thing(s) In Your Room: Computer, bed
Fav Picture: here
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