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Windows 7

As you may know, Microsoft is offering Windows 7 RC1 free for download until ... june or july. It's sort of a trick they're pulling, because if you do decide to install and use the OS, 1 year from now the OS will begin shutting down the PC after 2 hours of use, and then after a month or so it will stop working altogether. So if at that point you will not want to install some other OS, you'll need to shell out for a Windows 7 license. Which is an OK 1 year trial period, I guess.

Either way, I downloaded Win 7 and installed it inside a vmware (server 2) virtual machine. I've already got GRUB as my boot loader and I didn't want Win7 rewriting it with its own and creating other types of havoc.

The experience, I must say, has been pretty pleasant. I only gave it 1 gig of ram and 40 gigs on the hard drive. It's running smoothly, doesn't seem to suffer from a lack of ram. The interface is very similar to that of Vista, but seems to be better polished and somehow not as annoying. It did freeze twice on me in 2 days (and I don't use it all the time, just a little), but that could be because it's running as a Windows Server 2008 virtual machine, since running it as a Windows 7 VM wasn't an option. Or maybe because it's an RC... Or.... well, who knows. But if you install it normally, not as a VM, let me know whether or not it freezes up on you.

It seems that everything that is able to run on Vista will run on Win7. I even got PeerGuardian 2 running on it.

Anyway, here's a screenshot
Tags: computer, windows
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