Valera (valera) wrote,


Wrote a small app in c# called vMsgBox (creative, I know). It takes two command line arguments, a string of text and a program path, like this:
"C:\path_to_application\vMsgBox.exe" "Don't forget to buy more laundry detergent!" "C:\path_to_another_app\Do_laundry.exe"

The idea is such: I often run my BitTorrent client without remembering to run PeerGuardian along with it. I don't always need to run PG with it, but sometimes... Either way. This app first pops up a message box with the text string you give it. Like, "Did you remember to turn on PeerGuardian?". Once you click "OK" in the message box, it runs the application you supplied to it as its second argument. This way I'm able to create a shortcut which, when clicked, pops up a message that's set in the shortcut path and then runs whatever program that's set there as well. I can also assign any icon to the shortcut (e.g.: utorrent icon).

Any thoughts? Would you have use for something like this?
Tags: programming
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