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Cirque du Soleil -- Convenience

Lera finds all kinds of coupons and promotions online. So today she discovered that Cirque du Soleil is selling tickets for their NY Kooza show for 40% less than their original price. I've never been to Cirque du Soleil, but have always heard good things about them, so I decided that 4 tickets are to be purchased, for moi, Lera, and my parents.

Well, box-office system isn't without its surprises:

  • %40 savings are for weekday performances. Weekends are a bit more expensive

  • There's a convenience fee of $8 for each ticket. $32 altogether. Because something is apparently convenient.

  • Mailing the ticket to me via standard mail costs $7, because stamps and envelopes are expensive these days. E-tickets, though, are $5, because it costs $2 less to produce them.

When I left the site hanging for a while and came back later, a found a nice pop-up informing me that "Time's up. Try again!" You think they have a terse 15 year old coding their website?
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