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Chess & Linux

Lera's in Moscow and I'm at my parents' with her laptop. I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on it and have been trying to get everything working. Well, almost everything does. I'd even say everything.. if it wasn't for the microphone. Even the built-in webcam works. But neither the built-in microphone nor the audio-card microphone port (with a plugged in external mic in it) work. I've googled it extensively and the verdict is that in this model (hp dv6000) the microphone just doesn't work under linux.

So I went to play chess. The GNU Chess that's glChess 2.22.3. I set the difficulty level to Easy and lost like 3 or 4 games. Do I suck that badly? I've won the last game. Amazingly enough I didn't get discouraged by all the losses like I usually do.

How are you all doing?
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