Valera (valera) wrote,

I forgot to tell you guys about my recent Security Theater experience.

My wife and I went to Six Flags (a large amusement park here on the east coast). The entrance to the park is made of about 20 or 30 metal detector gates with guards at them. As I went through one of these gates the detector buzzed. As usual - it was my small swiss army pocket knife that's on my keychain. I told the guard that it was a small knife, under the legal length limits, blah blah blah. He wouldn't have it: Security is paramount.

So he gave me three options: 1) Let them throw the knife away 2) Put the knife in one of the billions of paid lockers they have inside the park 3) Go back to my car (15 min walk) and leave it there. I told him I'd leave it in the car, he then told me that to exit the park I had to go to another set of gates and ask them to stamp my hand at the exit so that I'd be able to get back in to the park.

The stupidity of it didn't hit me until I walked some 20 feet away from the guy who continued to check others at his gate, forgetting me in an instant. I could have told him I'd follow any of his proposed solutions. He didn't care to make sure that I'd actually do anything. Of course I just continued into the park with the knife & keys safely in my pocket.

I don't know if these guys are told to make sure the "weapon" doesn't actually remain in the park and they just don't do it or if their management simply doesn't care. Either way - this security is just for show, same way it is in airports, government buildings, etc. They don't care if you're safe or not, they just want you to think you are so you don't start blaming them when they actually fuck up.
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