Valera (valera) wrote,

Post election: with rocks.

Bush sat at his desk in the Oval Office and looked into the camera. "Hello, American peoples. I see you decided to elect some Democrats yesterday. Fine; you can do what you want, I guess. I mean, you elected me twice. Still, I am your president and am very powerful." He shook his finger at the camera. "Do not anger me. I will bomb you from the sky just like I bombed countless others.

"As for the Democrats, they may have the House and even the Senate, but I still have my... VETO PEN!" Bush held up his pen proudly.

"That's a crayon!" Condi shouted from behind the camera.

Bush looked at it. "Sky blue... oh." He dropped it and started rifling through the drawers in his desk. "It's around here somewhere; I mean, I think I used it once." He stopped searching and faced the camera. "Well, I do have a veto pen, and I will find it. That's a warning to Democrats. And I also have this." He held up a jagged rock. "This is the rock I bash Democrats in the head with if they make me mad." He shook the rock at the camera. "Don't make me mad!

"Now, many of you may wonder what will happen with the terrorists. Well, I will still pursue them, and, if the Democrats get in my way, I will use my veto pen and my Democrat bashing rock. When I get to the terrorists, I'll bash them with my terrorist bashing rock!" He looked around. "Where is it?"

Condi held up a rock. "Is this it?"

"No; that's my hippy bashing rock."

Condi found a bloodstained rock. "Is this it?"

"That's it. Gimmee gimmee!"

Condi handed over the rock. "It needs to be cleaned."

"I can't clean it or it won't be lucky anymore." Bush turned to the camera and shook the bloody rock at it. "I will find you and I will bash you with this rock, terrorists! Don't think the Democrats will stop me! If Reagan could still fight the Soviets with a Democratic Congress, then I can still find you terrorists and bash you with a rock even with Pelosi against me!"

"Yeah, but that was Reagan and you're you," Condi said.

"Shut up!" Bush shouted. "Don't make me find a Condi rock!"

"Whatever. You done with this? I'm going to go get some lunch."

"Can you pick me up something?"

"No." Condi walked off.

"I'm still powerful!" Bush yelled. He looked to the camera. "Now how do I turn this off? Oh... I think I have a rock for that."

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