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2 minutes and 2 seconds holding my breath under water. after two months of not smoking. pretty good, i guess. i don't remember what my all-time max is, since i've been smoking for quite some time now.

also, just went walking barefoot around my neighbourhood. i quite enjoy it. though, i wonder if it'd be more fun if i did it during the day. then i'd get all the weird looks from people. "boy went bonkers!"

does anyone need a part time web developer/comp guy? the fscking company i work for is a BS Russian company that has paid me on time maybe once or twice the whole time i've been working for them (since march). every other time it's late, and they bs about it all the time. and i need money :)

and in case anyone has forgotten, i'm leaving for moscow (spell check doesn't suggest Moscow, it suggests "mo scow" and "mos cow") this Friday!! any and all suggestions are welcome, as this will be my first trip back to the FUSSR (now it suggests F USSR. i think it's prejudiced) in almost 13 years.

cheers niggaz
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