Valera (valera) wrote,

I'm bored to death, and not really feeling like reading anything or doing anything, so maybe I'll give an update as to what's going on with me.

I got into a car accident last Saturday on my way to work. And since I'm writing about it, how fucked up would it be if someone from the insurance companies googled my name and easily got here to read all my truest ramblings about it? That's the internet age for ya... time to go friends-only? :)) Anyway, so I'm going 45-55mph on a town street. The speed limit is 35mph, but most folks drive at least 40mph. Of course, I'm not most folks. Anyway, so this Asian chick decides to pull out from a side street, apparently ignoring the stop sign in front of her, and plunge right into me. No offense to Asian chicks, but around where I live they can't drive for shit. Maybe they can steer the wheel if they concentrate real hard, but they're either on their cell phones or doing something else, or just.. So anyway, I'm fine, she's fine, but one of my rear doors needs to be replaced as well as a small part of the car body just behind it.

In other news, I'll be in Moscow in less than two weeks now. I need to start buying presents...

Other than that, everything is mostly the same as it was yesterday, the day before, et cetera.

Also, I need to find people willing to part-take in various activities with me. Like... playing soccer, hacky sack, tennis, biking, roller blading, having sex...

P.S. in two(2) days it'll be two(2) months since i haven't smoked .. anything.
Tags: accident, driving, travel
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