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Граф, с Днем(!)(рождения!) тебя!

On another note, running on another repetitive 4 hours of sleep. Why is there a convention to write out numbers lower than N as words, instead of in digits? Digits are so much easier to understand. Anyway; I've stumbled off-course in my quest to bring to your attention the fact that trying to understand the grandeur of Tcl is difficult when you've just woken up and are still lacking in rest.

By the way, Nick, thanks for The Hill of Science. It's absolutely great. At some point I'll even sit it next to a dictionary and reread it again...

Катька, твоя любимая группа играет! Почему-то такие завывания меня хорошо будят...
We keep running round and round, and the loop isn't even that large. Does it end? How?
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