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Elusory Smiles (8:43:24 PM): i yelled at my dad horribly today
Elusory Smiles (8:43:31 PM): cause of something stupid
surreal rain (8:43:35 PM): what was it?
Elusory Smiles (8:43:40 PM): and i realized that it was stupid, while i was yelling
Elusory Smiles (8:43:45 PM): but i couldn't stop
Elusory Smiles (8:43:57 PM): well.. you know the microwave dishes
Elusory Smiles (8:44:31 PM): when you put food in them, and then put them in the fridge, and then into the microwave and heat them up... there's water condensation on the cover
Elusory Smiles (8:44:42 PM): and when you open it, the water spills
Elusory Smiles (8:45:01 PM): so you gotta open it in a specific way... and i do it all the time, cause i'm the only one who eats from them
Elusory Smiles (8:45:36 PM): and today when i was taking the cover off.. my dad stopped my hand, and just started telling me that i'm doing it wrong and how i should do it.. while i spilled it all over because of him
Elusory Smiles (8:47:48 PM): oh, and my mom tried to get into the middle of the argument.. and i yelled at her, too
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