Valera (valera) wrote,

A democratic government removes any sort of obvious need for a revolution. After all, we all "have" choices and freedoms. Who do we strike at if all we have to do is vote for someone else? And do we vote? And how often do they come close to meeting our expectations?

But would a dictatorship be better? We would know who to strike at if we ever so desired. But with a clever dictatorship, most of the masses could be satisfied. Give them a dream, show them alleged freedoms and a long leash, and they won't even know that it's a dictatorship - they can't see that far.

But isn't that what our democracy is? A long leash. Do you see it? Are you sure it's not there?

So what are our options? I'm afraid we have none...

Or... maybe we should just educate them? But isn't that dangerous? Isn't that what leads to revolutions?
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