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move along

today i helped darisa move.. from 172nd to 110th.

that was extremely fun, actually. it was my first time driving a huge u-haul van. well, first time driving anything larger than a regular car =D. you so do feel like the king of the road in it. the only problem is that you can't make turns to fast, cause you'll just flip over.

i met her aunt, cousin, and younger sister. well, twice younger, the 14 year old. her 18 year old i already know. though the 18 year old i met in HS long before i met darisa herself.

so her cousin and i moved most of the stuff. moving the sofa on stairs barely wide enough for 1 person was a real challenge. i even got one battle scar. well, not really; i just scraped my finger on a door frame while moving the sofa through it.

now, instead of living 10 minutes away from me (which i never really knew. darisa always moves around and stuff), she'll live maybe half an hour away. not too bad. it's awesome cause she's like 2 blocks away from the beginning of central park. so i'll be able to just come there, drop my car off, and go blading in the park =D

yup. gonna end this and maybe try to go to sleep.

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