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today i smoked 4 cigarettes. last ones, i hope.
today i made a bet with melissa that i will not smoke for a year. it's 50$.
today i made a bet with myself that  will become a better.. val. it's self respect.
today i lost another part of myself. and gained something in return. it's part of growing up, that's all.
today i spoke to marina. i love you. but hey, what's new... (it didn't end so perfect. but hey, maybe it was just too long. it's alright. we can pull it off. whatever it is we decide to pull off.)
today i saw spiderman. it's something...

today i create another mask. do you remember them, amna?

i won't explain any of this to anyone. those who know me, who know these parts of me, will understand. others are welcome to join my world. i don't descriminate by anything but your ability to take in and accept. do not walk behind me, in front of me, nor beside me; take your place, play your part.
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