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it's funny. used to have this girl on my friends list, and all she ever did was bitch in her posts. about how life is unfair to her, about how some bitch looked the wrong way at her, etc.

I don't know about everyone else, but I use LJ to read interesting posts of other people. if someone has huge entries clogging up my friends page and I have absolutely no desire to read them, I'll take this someone off of my list. it has nothing to do with me disliking the person. I just don't find their entries interesting enough to be in my friends list.

in any case; I took this girl off. she noticed it like in the next five minutes (does she just sit there checking who has her as a friend and who doesn't? should I be doing the same thing?!? =D) and commented in one of my entries about this. I told her that it was nothing personal, I just didn't find her entries interesting. well, 5 minutes after that she took me off of her list. pissy people are funny =)

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