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life and not

it's 9:30 in the evening. i'm listening to kylie minogue - confide (horny slut remix), it's truly something.
i feel like going to sleep.. but for the first time, it's not because i'm sleepy. i simply cannot come up with anything i want to do.

i'm too lazy to write to LJ support about this, but Melissa.. you're somewhat connected with 'em, right?
i'm thinking of two great features for LJ
(1) be able to select people who should not be able to read a specified entry. for example: throwing a surprise party for your friend, want everyone on your friends list except him to be able to read this entry. or.. you know, something similar =)
(2)instead of completely not showing private/friends only entries to people without access to them, have it say something like .. um... "private entry" =) i don't know about everyone else, but i could find some uses for that.

that's about it folks. i'm too confused right now too offer any further insight into my challenged mind.

Not a random word from this post: support
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