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We spread viruses through not caring about other "ppl". Yeeeehaw!

Tanya (1:26:43): I took new pictures: (actual url: which downloads
rand0m bits (18:38:14): so ya got a virus?
Tanya (18:38:24): yep
Tanya (18:38:29): u gitit too?
Tanya (18:38:48): got it
Tanya (18:38:49): 8
rand0m bits (18:38:58): no, i got a link from you to download it
rand0m bits (18:39:25): i figured .com files wouldn't be pictures
Tanya (18:41:06): oh sorry i didint know, so i clicked it ws fun
rand0m bits (18:41:31): and that's how people get viruses... heh. yup. "fun"
Tanya (18:44:33): well, i dont really care about other ppl, my comp detected it right when it came and i deleted it, so it was fine

Funny thing is, my Norton didn't detect it..
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