Valera (valera) wrote,

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While overdosing on hershey's syrup :)

Everyone knows about the experiments with the rat that kept pressing on the orgasm or whatever else button, remaining in eternal ecstasy until it died.. either from over..doing it, from starvation, or from who cares what.

Now everyone tends to think that that's bad. At least, we-as humans-would understand if we were in such a situation, and would not continue pressing the button, because we're so smart and we have better things to do with our lives!

But do we? Imagine that you wouldn't die from starvation, and that you'd be able to continue this .. stimulation for an indefinite amount of time (after which you'd die). What would be so wrong with that? We only need variety because we get bored with anything, no matter how good at first. But this feeling wouldn't lessen at all, you would, in fact, always be in 7th heaven.

Think about it; I pay cold cash for your souls ;)
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