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What's your fetish?

AqueLunya (22:32:04): u dont have any fetish?
rand0m bits (22:34:11): ne znayu... naverno chto to est' (don't know... probably have something)
rand0m bits (22:34:20): couldn't really come up with something
AqueLunya (22:34:23): i chto? (and what is it?)
rand0m bits (22:34:27): ne znayu (don't know)
AqueLunya (22:34:31): u suck
rand0m bits (22:34:38): hm
AqueLunya (22:34:43): u gotta like something
rand0m bits (22:34:47): i do
rand0m bits (22:34:58): just not something as simple as a uniform
rand0m bits (22:35:14): besides, first i need to like the person
rand0m bits (22:35:23): a dal'she oni mne VO MNOGOM nraviatsia ("and then i like them in MANY outfits" or "and then i like MANY things about them")
AqueLunya (22:36:48): i wasnt talking of going to bed with a complete stranger
rand0m bits (22:38:56): tak togda v chem vopros, bistree li u menia vstanet xuy esli devushka, kotoraya mne uzhe nravitsia, odeta v formu essesovca? (then what's the question, whether i get a hard-on faster when the girl-whom i already like-is wearing an SS officer uniform?)
rand0m bits (22:39:46): in order to have costume/uniform fetishes, a person needs to associate the costume with some sort of a concept
rand0m bits (22:40:04): formu soldatika s romantikoi voini (soldier's uniform with the romance of war)
rand0m bits (22:40:22): uniformu plumbera s muzhkoi siloi i nevezhestvom (a plumber's uniform with masculinity and animality)
rand0m bits (22:40:24): whatever
rand0m bits (22:40:33): i don't have those associations
AqueLunya (22:42:22): well, i think ur the wrong person to talk to about sex
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