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Back from KSP

Boria said that he liked this KSP best of all.
Катя, did you say you liked it least? I did. -- I smoked too much and spend too much time being depressed.
The weather turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Unlike most people thought, it hasn't rained at all since I got to the campground; only trickled for a few moments. Though, it did rain before we came, so the roads were muddy and made dirt abound all over.
Boria liked this KSP because he finally has a girlfriend. Sometimes we're all so simple =)

I was driving back from KSP and falling asleep. At first I wasn't doing more than 70mph, at times even 55mph. Just.. couldn't keep my eyes open and kept losing concentration. Then I noticed that the faster I went, the more concentrated and less sleepy I became. So the rest of the way I was going 80-85mph, and now I'm not sleepy at all. Though, this may be something a la "Don't try this at home!"
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