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Poetry for the English.

Written as an impression on the movie “Quills”

Bestow the anger of the Gods,
For all we stand in their fury
That's sent to us through every shot
We hear in the midsts of night.
It fills our hearts with urge and fright
So powerful, we can not bury
Those feelings deep inside out hearts.

They dwell deep down at the bottom
Of our twisted, tortured souls,
And trying to escape through every crack and hole,
And building up the pressure in our heart.
Then comes a day when all the anger,
The fury, rage, destruction, slime
Comes out, makes you an avenger,
Who kills around him and carries on his smile.

This day will come for everyone there is,
Who ever deeply buried feelings!
And madness is the end to this,
If person looses way of steering
Himself through oceans of lust,
Of dirt and poisons of the life.
As everyone who lives on Earth, he must
Not plunge into his heart a knife,
But live off misery of others,
Enjoy the tears of the weak.
Then all that "feelings" crap will cease to bother
The ones, who don't believe they're sick.

© Dmitriy Beznosko
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