Valera (valera) wrote,

Деффушки часто пишут, что у них, ангельский характер.
Кто мне, блять, обьяснит, что это такое???

Just back from DC. The biggest oddity of that city is that it's bums, just like the city itself, are very nice and clean. I was sitting on the steps of CSIS, and this white, somewhat classy looking, nicely dressed woman came up to me, and asked me for 80 cents. She wasn't asking for it to save her life or her dignity - I'm sure.. just regular kind of begging. And the city is full of people like that.

My bus back to NY was 2 hours late coming into DC. Consequently, I got to NY only around 1:40am - which would be perfectly fine, if I didn't have a stomach ache all the way to NY, and didn't have to deal with two retarded movies(Men of Honor and The Bronx Tale) being shown at full volume the whole time.

Is anyone else amused with that it takes not more than two short lines in Russian to translate something that English is only able to cover in 6 full lines? ;)

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