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Кто не слышал песню, обязательно найдите и прослушайте. Обычно мне Лесоповал не очень, но эта песенка спокойная, милая, и прикольная. :)

Also, today was my last day working in Modells. This makes me quite happy. One important thing I've learned from this experience is that those who think they are above you will gladly soften up and become nice if you allow them to talk & to brag about themselves and how much they know about this world. An occasional indirect compliment also helps :)

Now, after I get up at 5:30am (yay, 4 hours left), I'm going to DC until Friday night. Mostly just to relax & see Alina before my SF trip.

Btw, does anyone have a bed they want to give me..? I'll need one in LI. If you're [cute] and [know how to cook or play badminton], I'll even consider taking the bed & its owner :)
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