Valera (valera) wrote,

Dream craziness

dream: present day
i'm about 12 years old. with a friend in an arcade place, trying to cheat some game machine out of money by not letting the bills go in completely, a cop shows up. i ask him what's up, he says he's come to arrest me. "on what grounds?" i ask, he tells me a bunch of a bunch of times i was caught on camera in other place doing stuff, like eating pieces of some cake from a display in a bakery. the cop tries to arrest me, some conan type of dude with a huge sword shows up and starts defending me while my friend and I are running away. at some point the cop catches up (we're at some supermarket at this point) and i see that his hand is severed off. my friend and i still run from him for a bit, but then (in the dream i don't notice this) our roles reverse: i am the cop who was chasing the kids, we're still in the supermarket, my hand is fine (i think, at least it doesn't bother me), but now the conan guy and the kids are chasing me, and conan is throwing swords at me all the time while I try to duck and run between the isles.

i wake up when they stop throwing the swords and go away.
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