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Btw, Jenn, I'm also ISTP on the second test you sent me.


You're a realist who applies expediency and reasoning as you manage and adapt to are aware of what is going on in the environment and are able to respond quickly to the actual facts, making sure the odds are in your favor...

You're straight-forward, pragmatic, honest people who prefer action to have a good understanding of the way things work, and are not tend to make logical and private decisions, stating things the way you see 'em...

don't like to be tied down and don't like working in a structure or need to anticipate immediate practical needs in situations and to present a logical straightforward plan for meeting those needs...

Curious and observant... convinced only by hard, reliable facts...veritable storehouses of information...realist able to capitalize well on available resources... quiet and reserved...appear cool and aloof and are inclined toward shyness, except with good friends...

You operate on learn best when you can observe first-hand in a one-on-one situation...prefer to learn thrive on excitement and action...probably like outdoors and sports....good trouble lead through setting an'd prefer to managed loosely at work so bossman isn't breathing down your neck.

It's important to pursue your interests.. you will do what it takes to make time or money for your leisure-time pursuits (like pay for a Storm Palace subscription?) like to have the latest and finest equipment for whatever your hobby probably get turned on just reading the Trivial Pursuit cards just to learn the information....

Love? Responsive yet realistic, huh? You seek partners who'll give you your freedom (especially for hobbies and interests) or will at least participate in 'em with're attentive to the little things that your partner will like to surprise them with gifts and stuff... you'd rather show your feelings through actions than express them with words....

When scorned by a love, you don't share it with the world... you're usually not vindictive when the relationship is don't give up easily on the relationship unless you're convinced by the evidence.

Things to be careful about: difficult to share your reactions...look for the shortcut or the easy way...slack off occassionally....develop a step- by-step plan...don't keep important things to might take in so much information that you feel overwhelmed by may be hesitant to make decisions....this makes you appear undirected...don't move on to new tasks before your other ones bear fruit...

ISTP: "I See The Problem"

I actually like the results from this one better. It seems to be a bit more on target, and doesn't have much stuff for me to disagree with. For those interested in taking it, here's the link:
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