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Riding, Washington & Work

Went to DC on Thursday until Saturday on the bike 500+ miles altogether. The riding is very nice; I'm becoming better and better. But it's extremely tiring... As it appears, speed & comfort don't mix in motorcycles. A cruiser bike would be a lot more comfortable, but it'd be difficult to do any sort of speed and maneuvering that I like on one.

Saw Kate in DC. At first, when I went there, I didn't think I would.. Mostly because I didn't think she wanted to see me. But I had a few free days and I wanted to get away from home - so what better place is there than Alina's (whenever I go to DC, I stay at her place)? Did end up going to lunch with Kate on Friday. At first it was a little weird.. well, it was weird through most of it.. but when isn't it with Kate? =)

Then, in the evening, Alina's friends Zhenia & Ilyusha hosted (...) a dinner at their place in DC. That turned out great. First I helped Alina & Zhenia make all the food (I think that was the most I've ever done in the kitchen), then everyone came. Ilyusha made all kinds of different martinis for the girls, the guys drank everything else :). Everyone found something to talk about: jokes, stories, arguments, professional discussions.

We ended the night with playing sharades for an hour or more. The guys' team won :)

On Sat. morning (today) I went back to Jersey to go to work at 5pm. Worked until 11.. and now I'm home.

Not that much to say about work... At the store, A LOT of people are A LOT younger than I am. Working with the register is still interesting.. kinda like a toy with a lot of buttons - gotta press all of them :)

So I'm off & free tomorrow. Who wants to do anything?
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