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i'll take a look at my friends list tomorrow. i want to clean it up so i can post friends-only entries and not worry about the whole world reading them. weird thing with that(the friends-only entries), my friends have to log in(activate their cookies) to be able to see the entries. like, it's not enough to just go to their friends page, that doesn't activate the cookies.. they have to either post something, or actually *log in*. only then does the entry show up. so it's easy to miss, i think. like, i have my friends list/page set up, and a direct link from my browser to it, without having to go through so when i go there, i don't get automatically logged in, and obviously miss all the private entries.. i probably get to see them later anyway though. oh well.
just to reiterate what i've already told a few today - i have a little more than 3 days of my annual leave as of... 2 weeks ago. (i get my checks two weeks after i do the work for them). every month i earn 1+ day. so by february i should have around 8-9 days. add that up with a weekend, and it comes out to a pretty good number of days for vacation. i'm thinking.. maybe if everything goes ok, i want to go to cali.. hang out with amna..
yeah.. i should go.. gotta wake up early.

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