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On ending relationships

Not that I'm strongly advocating my position or anything, but what is it with the female sex and ending relationships as soon as you/they find out that there's gonna be something that's gonna be either very difficult or impossible to overcome in the relationship (I'm speaking about distance; I can't come up with anything else.)??

"Oh, you live to far. Let's not even try this!"

"Oh, you live too far and this relationship is too serious for that now. I'm ending it!"

"Oh, you're gonna be moving away too far. I'm ending this relationship now!"

et cetera et cetera to infinity.

Yes, it might be difficult and painful to break up then - when you have to. It's also painful to be in a long distance relationship. But while you're in the relationship, and still can be in it - because your SO is either still lives close to you or while s/he is still able to see you often enough, why would you break what you have?

OK, I realize I'm not being convincing enough. And I shouldn't try, everyone should decide for themselves how to handle their love life. I just think that while the relationship is alive and kicking, ending it is like quitting on life because you know you'll at one point die (whenever. suppose you're told you'll die from cancer in a year, would you kill yourself right away?)

Just my quarter.

This is, and at the same time isn't, about anyone specific. If you think it's about you, you're probably right. If you don't think it's about you, it probably is anyway.
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