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Names I like or find interesting

Sometimes people ask what names I would like for my children - and usually I can't come up with anything, because I don't keep these things in my head. At one moment I may like one name, at another - a different one. This isn't only because I change my mind so often, but also because I don't think about these names long enough to move them to my long-term memory :)

So here's an attempt to come up with a list of such names. Some will be in Russian, some in English (I like how my name, Валера, sounds in Russian. I'm not extremely thrilled with its equivalent, Val, in English.)

Ada / Ада
Catalina / Каталина
Kate / Екатерина, или Катя
Nika (Knee-kuh) / Ника
Petra / Петра
Ilona / Илона

Валера (ну да, люблю я свое имя!)
Rafael / Рафаэль

Feel free to comment and let me know what your favourite names are. In fact, I encourage you to do so :)
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