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Due to recent peace negotiations, Israel has handed over security control of two Palestinian towns to PA. It is delaying the handover of the third town because the PA has failed to disarm militants in the two towns Israel has handed over thus far. The PA says that this was not a part of the negotiations. Whether or not it was, I think there's a pretty interesting dilemma:

Israel sees Palestinian militants as agressors who do not listen to any government and do as they please. Naturally they must be disarmed.

On the other hand, the militants see Israel as an agressor (and a very militarily strong one at that) and probably consider it an insanity to hand over their weapons -- the only means of their defense.

I also wonder how these militants make money to support themselves and their families. I somehow doubt they have a lot of time to work. If they "stop being militants" they will most likely change their lifestyles.
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