Valera (valera) wrote,

through my eyes, beginning 2005

i haven't written anything personal, about my life, in a while. i guess i sorta feel like speaking to the wind.

i spent the weekend (friday - sunday) in CT, celebrating new years. unexpectedly, i had an amazing time.

it all began with me walking around the humanless manhattan beach/park around 6pm. at first i was looking for a place to pee. after long awaited relief, i began wasting time, waiting for Alina to finally show up. in the respect of showing up on time she is quite possibly worse than Boris. after about an hour she came, and by 7pm we were picking up Boris and setting out on our weekend adventures. i should also note that this was the first time i saw Alina without a hat.

i already said that i had a great time in CT. first all of our friends kept asking me and Boris which one of us Alina is with. we just laughed/shrugged it off and didn't say anything. we just didn't know. then Alina and I kissed.

after the clock struck 12 and we entered a new year we were entertained by a play that our friends put up (three musketeers, the russian version). i don't really remember what happened after that. chess was played, vodka was drunk, music was enjoyed, guitars were played, jokes were told. sometime around 6am the three-story house with its 50ish inhabitants began falling asleep.

Alina and i found a couch for ourselves. unfortunately for me, while being long enough, it wasn't wide enough. both nights i spent many hours putting my arms in all possible positions and configurations, and fell asleep after alina and everyone else woke. but it was worth it, well worth it.

second day went similarly well. we visited a forest and a waterfall. in the evening we gathered around a table in the basement lounge, talked, listened to music, ate сало and drank vodka, taking occasional trips outside to smoke.

on sunday we woke somewhat early and cleaned up the house. then boris, i, and alina drove off. made a pit stop in co-op city (bronx) where I used to live some years ago, had lunch at the bay plaza mall, and went on to brooklyn to drop boris off. after that i drove Alina home to staten island, got a glimpse of her cat and met her dog, finished drinking the coffee we got in the bronx, and went home with a weekend's worth on my mind.

first impressions are more and more often turning out to be incorrect. people don't act normal or as they normally do when they first meet someone else. well, a lot of people i know don't. this weekend proved me wrong thrice (three different people). also, i like Alina very very much.

i'm still looking for an off-campus roommate for SBU. i reaaaaaallllyyyy need to find someone. otherwise i'll be in deep shit.
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