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A search for single heterosexual females with a computer science concentration returned ... 5 results.
One's a Jewish mix, another something middle-eastern, hispanic, greek, and "american". Everything except the first one judging from last names.
Judging from the profiles only one of them is interesting. Wanna guess which one?

Yup, I'm bored.

I need to write a paper for the drama class. Should be easy enough - a two page double spaced paper about a book we read. Not that I finished the book yet, but that should take all of a few hours.

Ah, I also had a coding exam in my java class last week. Our prof is a real funny prick. Comes in today and begins: "Well, the exam was a total disaster. Toohhtalll disaster. I started grading it and stopped after three consecutive zeroes. So you know what I think I'm gonna do. I'm gonna drop the exam grade, like it never happened, and just use your grade from the final exam last week as a double." Wait up motherfucker. I'm fucking positive I got an 100% on that exam. I don't care if 99% of the class failed it, there's no way you're dropping something I actually worked on. Good thing Nick raised his hand before I did and proposed that the prof use the highest of two exam grades (coding exam vs. the final) and drop the other one. Some people had difficulty understanding the concept, but in the end everyone agreed. So yay! I don't need to take the final :). In other news, the same fucking prof is letting people who didn't finish our last HW slide on the final project (yup, lotsa final shit), by allowing them to finish what they needed for that hw and add some minor shit to it. People who finished it (me!) need to add even more shit to it, though. Seriously.. I could think of soooo many methods to torture him with!

Now that Laz will most likely not be able to move in with us next semester, the search for a roomie is on. Anyone wanna move to LI? ;)

Vot elss ken ai tiel you? It's 6am and I'm going to sleep. Wheeeee :)
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