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'tis the second time i've witnessed that killing random jobs under the NT kernel DOES fix things.

for example, at the office, some AOM process always stops a few programs (like the browser, and other crap) from loading. as soon as you kill it though, everything works like a charm.

at home, i began having a problem with my default startup page in the browser. it would freeze for like 5 seconds when loading, all the time. so i killed a random process named GMT, and once again, everything works purrrrfektly.

i think i should build a program now.. that would, once a day, just pick a random process to kill. can't do any harm, can it? (last words)

turned out to be some advertising spyware crap. trying to uninstall it right now.

uninstalled it with mcafee uninstall. all works nice now. a little more faith in windows now. hey, at least some stuff is configurable..
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