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Cost efficiency

My mom cooks a lot. No, really.. Russian Jewish moms and cooking.. oh man.
Anyway, usually it's very cost effective and way healthier than.. I don't know, definitely than fast food. I'm not so sure about restaurant food. Her food also tastes very good, at least most of the time ;).

But here's what got me thinking today. Sometimes we buy canned soups, because a lot of them are mucho tasty (the Chunky soups.. oh yeah!). So today I had Lentil soup out of a can. Obviously lentil isn't the only thing in the soup. there are a buncha different spices there, some herbs, etc.

Now it's definitely not difficult to make at home. The only thing you need are all the ingredients, and you're prolly done in about five minutes. BUT.. when you buy all the ingredients, they don't come in packages with the labels like "enough for a bowl of soup!". When you buy the herbs, there's enough to feed a medium sized army with all the lentil soups you'll be able to make.

Dunno about you, but I'll be tired of any specific dish after having it more than a few times. So I guess here are the options:
1) Buy Lentil soup ingredients for approximately .. $15? Make enough for a few bowls, and throw the rest into your storage cabinet. Or
2) Buy the can of soup for $3. Every month or so.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. If you use the ingredients often for a lot of different stuff, you can of course buy 'em and not have them lay around for years to come. Otherwise it seems to make more sense to buy pre-made food; which for some reason doesn't sound very appealing to me =\.
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