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As some of you may or may not know, my dearest beloved camera (check icon) was wounded during its last excursion (Mine and Jenn's cruise to the Bahamas). In short - it was too humid on the islands (that's what moi thinks) and the electronics got all screwy. It went through stages. In the first stage, when you'd turn it on it would indicate that it's on, but the lens wouldn't come out. It would take about a dozen times of on-offing it until the lens would come out, but then the buttons would mostly not work. In the second stage it would turn on fine and the buttons would .. "work". Except that instead of doing their respective functions, they'd do something that another button would normally do. They would also get stuck (not physically) and keep repeating some function.

While I was still realizing how broken the camera was I took it along with its charger to a friend's house. The camera returned, but the charger was forgotten. Since this is a friend I see about as often as every other month, the charger was securely stuck there - until yesterday!

The past few weeks I was ready to ship the camera to an Olympus repair center and pay whatever it takes to get it fixed. But since I got the charger yesterday I decided to have another go at turning it on and seeing how it works. Put the battery on the charger sometime this morning, came back home sometime 2100ish and just now put the battery back in the camera and turned it on.

Well, the subject pretty much gives it away :) The camera works, I'm extremely happy and ecstatic about it, and now I have yet another thing to keep me away from doing HW =)

Seriously though, don't expect too many photos anytime soon. I've gotta take care of school...
Ah, who am I kidding. Photos of SBU before next weekend! :))

I really don't understand how this song is enigma... It's some sort of rap.
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