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Motorcycle diaries 2

Spent about 4 hours working on the bike.

My adventures started yesterday when I decided to ride my bike to Anna's work (22 miles) and then possibly to brooklyn to hang out with her and Boris (another.. 40-50 miles?). Froze to hell on the way to Anna's, spent a bit of time there talking with her about this and that, past and present. She talked me into leaving the bike at her office parking lot for the night, riding with her in her car to Brooklyn and the next day's morning (today) she'd give me a ride back to her office (she and Boris live 5 min away from each other).

So that's what we did. I immensely enjoyed spending time with the two (they're my VERY good friends) of them. Woke up at 6:30 this morning and at 9 Anna and I were at her office.

The ride back home was 99% uneventful. It was warmer than yesterday so I got back to my town mostly unharmed. Stopped at a gas station 4 blocks away from my house to fill up. Did just that for only $7 bucks (go bikes!). Turned the bike on and went off!

Only... wait.. why isn't my speedometer working? And the odometer on the same display? WTF??. Got to my street. Turned the bike off and on again; no effect. Well duh! Dumb computer geek! This isn't a computer... a "reboot" won't do you any good!

Got on LJ and went to motorcycles. People suggested checking the speedo/odometer cable. Hm... which one is that?? Found it, checked the end connecting to the to instrument cluster and saw that it was disconnected from the actual meter! Alright.. now how do I connect it? The bike plastics don't even let me get close to it! Took off a few parts, inserted the cable into the meter port, but it's still too uncomfortable to tighten the nut around it to keep it in place. Tried it from all sides possible.. blah! No effect! A bit later my landlord lady came over while i was still under the bike trying to accomplish something. So while I wash on the groud pushing the cable in, she was able to help tighten the nut on it from the top. Yup, it's way easier to have two people working on a bike!

Rode around.. seems to be sorta working, only not really. It tells the speed, but it takes a few seconds to update it!! As in, when I start off, it takes like 2-3 seconds for the speedmeter needle to actually start moving from zero. So I also don't know how accurate it is while I'm riding.

Well alright, I'll read up more on this and try to fix it later. Now to put the plastics back on the bike. .. .. Oops. One of the nuts from the windshield (which I took off when working on the bike) seems to have fallen out of the bike while i was riding around my block testing the speedo. SHIT!!! So I went up and down my block (which is pretty damn long.. suburban block, lol) looking for the small black plastic nut under a ton of fucking leaves. Finally I found it after about half an hour.

Let's put the windshield back on, right? Noooo! There's a reason why you didn't take out the loose nuts while riding the bike; it's impossible to get to them under the instrument cluster! Ok... push the instrument cluster out of the way some.. insert the nut.. pull it into place with a new self invented motorcycle tool - the paper clip, try to insert the screw through the windshield... Ugh, the nut falls out!! Hm.. wtf do I do now? Oh, well, there are these small stones lying around.. what if I insert them under this nut here, and this nut here.. YAY! works! ok, now for this nut, can't really insert the stones here, nothing to put them on.. Well, maybe I can just insert it with pliers. Ugh, no way. Shit.. I really don't know what to do now.

A few minutes of pacing around got me to figure out that I could take off the whole cowling (plastic front part of the bike) which the windshield attaches to and attach the windshield without the instrument cluster getting in the way. After about half an hour that was done; had to take off a bunch of shit in the process (like mirrors).

Another half an hour if not more to put everything back on, half break one of the nuts, but somewhat happily finish the job. Yay, my first somewhat serious self bike repair! It would actually be a helluvalot more fun if the weather was A BIT FSCKING WARMER. But oh well, gotta deal.

Now on to study for tomorrow's math midterm? Yeah.. we'll see..
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