Valera (valera) wrote,

Nick and I went to look at a house today that we're planning on renting next semester. It's only about 20 minutes away from campus, but god damn... it is sooo beautiful.
The house was built in 1930 by the same family (grandfather?) who own the house now. It's extremely nice (the pictures don't do it justice). And we'll have it for $1,500 a month! If we'll have 4 people living in it as planned, that's $375 a person for a a great house, and also(!!!) it is on a small cliff from which there is a wooden staircase going down to a beach!! yup =)

After that Nick took some shots of me with the bike. Anyway, enjoy the show :)

Moi, having no idea of Nick's evil picture-taking scheme =)

The staircase leading down to the beach

Another view from "the staircase"

Red sand. No, we didn't do it!

Yup, that's me again, bending under the wind's pressure

I get the camera and go crazy


The doorway to hell

Me playing with sable. He’s the cutest pup in the world :)

On muh baby! ;)

My car. Freaky...

Nick. Sharing... =D


Ohhh Yea!

House Album | Bike Album
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